About Glass Stock

Deb torching at carlisleDeb Crowley is the founder and director of Glass Stock. Deb has been a professional artist for over 40 years, and 30 years of that in glass. Deb has extensive glass experience that includes blown, lampworked, fused, and sandblasted glass techniques. She also creates all types of cold worked glass including stained and faceted. She gained a wealth of glass knowledge over the years, and you will see many of these techniques throughout her artwork. After teaching nationwide for over 25 years, Deb’s passion soon became what is now known as Glass Stock. Many life changing moments and a lot of nurturing for such a small price, the best glass venue for the price any where!

Glass Stock was created to bring together renown glass artists, teachers, and students to master a variety of glass techniques. Glass Stock soon grew, and is now entering it’s 14th year. Glass Stock allows artists to teach, share, learn new glass techniques, and get invaluable feedback and inspiration. Glass Stock is now held on both the West Coast and East Coast, so make sure to check out menu above to learn more and sign up today. Our mission statement is, “Share like there’s no tomorrow,” as inspiration is priceless.

To contact Deb Crowley directly, please visit our Contact page.