Class Submissions

Thank you for considering teaching a class for Glass Stock West for 2018! We will be accepting class submissions for all events until March 1st. Remember that you must have attended at least one GS event previously in order to apply. Our team will review all class submissions on March 1st, choose the final classes and notify you of our decision by March 15th, 2018.

General Information: All Glass Stock classes are 4 hours. In a typical class, usually 2 beads/pendants can be made or whatever you can make and demo in 4 hours. A long class can be split into 2 half day classes that will count as 2 classes. Torch classes will have 8 students, and other classes will have 10 students such as wire wrap, PMC, Kaiser Lee Board, etc. There is NO pay for teaching except for our Glass Stock Featured Artists. However, for every class that is accepted and that you teach, your registration/entry fee will be reduced by one-third (1/3 for East & North, 1/4 for West event). For example, If you taught 3 classes at one of the Glass Stock events, your fee would be waived and you would be able to take 3 classes. Remember that lodging is not included at either Glass Stock events. To learn more about the events, visit any of our Glass Stock West, North or East event pages. Thank you for considering and/or submitting a class! Email me for questions or possible full day class possibilities!

To enter your class submission for consideration, our team must receive your completed email submission. All completed information must be sent in one email to, with the subject line reading GS West Class Submission Partial submissions will not be considered. EACH class submitted needs to be in it’s own, separate email with this information in the subject line please: GS West (North or East), Teacher’s name and Class title (EX: GS West, deb crowley, Boro Shells)

Please provide the following information in your submission:

  • Your Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Years of Experience
  • Years of Experience Teaching
  • Name of the Class Submission
  • Pictures of Items to be Made
  • Brief Description (100 words)
  • Skill Level for Class
  • Tools Required
  • Type of Glass or Materials and How Much Per Student (If they only need 1/4 rod, please write that in)
  • Approximate Costs for Silver, etc. Per Student