Welcome to the Home page for Glass Stock East! Please read below for info & registration. Come and join us for the 7th annual Glass Stock East. Glass Stock is a sharing and collaborating event which is the sister event of Glass Stock West, running for 14 strong years on the Oregon Coast. Founder Deb Crowley and many other fantastic artists have shared her vision with much success! Starting with a small group of 30 friends in 2003 for Glass Stock West, Glass Stock East had almost 50 participants in 2016. Glass Stock events have grown in popularity with artists willing to teach and share for the opportunity to learn from others. It is a chance to get “out of the box”, learn new skills, gain priceless feedback, and new inspiration in a warm, friendly and intimate setting.

Deb has teamed up again with her west/east coast staff and “Featured Artists” to host this event in Rockville, Maryland at Virtue Glass Works! Opening night begins on Wednesday evening , Oct 17th, 2017 with the Meet and Greet. The event continues from October 18-22nd, 2017

The Glass Stock East featured artists are Hugh Salkind for borosilicate glass, Robery Kincheloe for Neon, Soft Glass Featured artists will be Marcy Lamberson and Felicia Wartnik, WOW! We will have our incredible staff artists teaching some new and exciting classes as well . Special guest demos will also happen over the weekend. There will be approximately 35 classes to choose from including flameworking, fusing, sandblasting, cold working, as well as wire-wrapping, bead working and much more!

Thank you all for the support over the years of this event! It really does take all of us to make it great, especially the loyal and talented staff, so let me say again a HUGE thank you to them! Hope to see all of you at Glass Stock East, please remember to tell your friends!

You may sign up (enter) anytime from January 2nd to October 1st by emailing your name, phone number and email address to: glassstockeast@gmail.com! Questions should be sent to deb@debcrowley.com. E-Newsletters will start Feb 1st, anyone signed up by then will get them once a month. These will have all the information you will need to be ready for the event! We will be accepting payments on or after June 28th, there will be information in the May and June newsletters on when and where to send payment. Class selection will be via telephone the weekend of July 29th-30th. It doesn’t matter when you sign up as long as the event isn’t full yet!

General Information: This is a 4 day event plus Wed night activities. Beginning on Wednesday night, we will have our Meet and Greet for those who can attend. The next 3 days will be filled with 6 half-day classes, with open torch until late evening every night and Sunday will be filled with optional contests, drawings, and open torches until 6pm! You will be able to choose 4 participating torch classes, and 2 demo or “other” classes as shown in the class descriptions below. Tuition is $700 for all 4 days and includes class and open torch supplies and contests! A few “Other” class supplies may have a metals or kit fee that will be noted on class descriptions. We have kept the tuition as low as possible, a bargain at under $200 daily for classes, open torch and festivities included!

Payment for tuition will be accepted on or after June 28th, NO earlier postmarked payments PLEASE! This is the only way to be fair to everyone! The May and June newsletters will have all the information you need to send in your payment and secure you spot. Remember that the early bird does catch the fatter worm! So the sooner you pay, the better selection of classes will be available, some folks overnight it. We expect to fill completely up again this year!

The featured artists and staff FROM LAST YEAR are posted below. New classes will be posted by March 25th so you can peruse what classes will be offered for 2017. The actual class schedule will be posted by May 1st. Class selection will be completed via phone from July 29th to 30th, 2017 and is conducted based on the time/date of your tuition payment. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS. You may sell (transfer) your spot in an emergency. We cannot sell it for you.

Registration Process
The price for the 4 day event is $700. This includes 6 half day (4 hour) classes with all supplies, open torches, evening festivities. Please send the completed information detailed below to glassstockwest@gmail.com.
The registration email must include the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Email Address
  • Your Lampwork and/or Website Name
  • And a phone number for class scheduling

Class selection phone calls will be made in the order of payments received. Send your payments as soon as you can on or after June 14th. For international attendees, Money Order or Cashier’s Check in US DOLLARS is all we can accept. The sign up for classes via telephone will start on July 29th from 10am (PST) to 6pm (PST) and continue through July 30th if necessary. You will receive two calls, one for half of the classes and another for the other half of offered classes. You will get to choose a total of 6 classes. The first call will ask you to pick 2 torch (participating) and one non-torch class (demo or “other”). The second call will ask you to pick the last three classes to include two torch classes and one “other” class. The Torch demonstrations count as 1 “other” class.

We do this to allow more people to work with the featured glass artists at Glass Stock. We limit one class from each featured artist, and no more than 4 participating torch classes per attendee. The other 2 classes will include torch demos or non-torch demos such as fusing, wire wrapping, etc. Note: Some “Other” classes may have fees. Any fees will be noted within the class descriptions below, read the whole description before picking those classes. You are not required to buy the kit or pay a fee. You may just observe in an “Other” class. NO switching of classes during the event please!

Please review all of our classes and have a list of desired classes ready for when we call. We can’t wait for Glass Stock East 2017 to begin, and be sure that it is sure that this event is one that you’ll remember long after it is over!


Borosilicate Classes

Class CS-01 Day of the Dead Beads with Carol Sorber

Skill Level: Beginning – Intermediate

Just in time! El Dia de los Muertos – the Day of the Dead – is October 31st. Create whimsical, detailed sugar skulls and heart beads to decorate a costume, use in jewelry, or adorn your personal shrine.

Tools Needed: Lampworking safety glasses, graphite marver, long-nose pliers or tweezers, and utility knife.

Kit Fee: $5 (instructor to provide murine slices)

Class HS-01 Fuming Boro Demystified with Hugh Salkind

Skill Level: Beginning

We will fume precious metals onto borosilicate glass to make lustrous patterns and designs, also learning to develop that fumed color with an expert!

Tools Needed: Graphite Marble Mold, tweezers, basic lampworking tools.

Class HS-02 Dichroic Image Pendants with Hugh Salkind

Skill Level: Beginning

Learn to make fabulous pendants with dichroic images without smearing or burning out the dichroic!

Tools Needed: Small reamer, tweezers, paddle

Class SH-03 Glass Pens with Scott Hallam

Skill Level: Beginning

What do you get when you take the center out of a cheap Bic pen and add some cool glass? Very cool and unique glass pens. Join me in this class as we will work with various borosilicate tubing to make both whimsical and fully functional glass pens.

This class is designed for everyone. Even if you have never worked boro tubing, you will be sure to have fun and make at least one if not more glass pens while in this glass. We can add frit, stripe lines, fume and or work with both ribbed and color stacked tubing to create a variety of functional pens that you and your friends will love.

Tools Needed: No tools required are required for this class. Each student will get to take home the best tool for making pens, free with the class ( don’t get too excited it not that cool but it really helps)

Optional tools that you might want to bring or I will have to share: V necking tool, marver, Fine point reamer

Soft Glass Classes

Class ML-01 Balancing Act with Marcy Lamberson

Join Marcy Lamberson to learn how to sculpt two beads at one time which connect to each other. It’s mostly about heat control and of course sculpting too.

Class ML-02 Shimmer with Marcy Lamberson

Bling lovers unite! Join Marcy to learn her technique which adds layers of extra rich color and sparkle. We’ll focus on leaves, but this technique will work on just about any bead.

Class ML-03 Bird Ornaments with Marcy Lamberson

These sweet sculptural bird ornaments not only look wonderful on trees, but also in plants and any where else you’d like to clip them. If there’s time, we’ll do two birds and Marcy will have the clips to assemble them after they are annealed.

Class MR-01 Off Mandrel Italian Sculptured Pendants with Michelle Riordan

Skill Level: Intermediate

These beautiful Goddesses are made in the Italian style, from bottom to top cooling as we work up towards the bail. Our pendants will batch anneal after class.

Tools Needed: graphite marver, spoon, dental or tungsten pick, non-serrated knife, Italian style tweezers, and a bail biter if you need help to make the glass bail

Class FW-01 Enamel Beads with Felicia Wartnik

Skill Level: Intermediate

Learn how to make beads with COE 104 glass and Thompson Enamels. This class will focus on how to use enamels safely, how to obtain different effects by altering the amount and focus of heat and how to create various surface designs using stringer and texture tools.

Tools Needed: Bring your favorite shaping tools, a razor blade or straight edge tool, tweezers or needle nose pliers, marver, cotton rag or wash cloth, P100 or N100 mask or respirator, sifters if you have them

Class PT-02 Beginning Soft Glass Flower Beads with Polly Toombs

Skill Level: Beginning

This is a beginning class for encasing flower beads. We will start with dot flowers and focus on different methods of encasing for best results and the least smearing. This class is all about heat control; where to put the flame and when. We will also explore color combinations and using pre-made color canes and flower canes from the Making Canes class.

Tools Needed: marver, tweezers, knife or razor type tool, poking tool, didymium glasses

Class AR-01 Bunny Ops with Annukka Ritalahti

Skill Level: Some Experience

Learn to sculpt bunny beads and decorations, how to make specific tiny dots, and how to make surface decoration for your sculpture.

Tools Needed: small tweezers, small thin steel kitchen knife, and small paddle

Class AR-02 Can You Bear This? with Annukka Ritalahti

Skill Level: Some Experience

Learn to sculpt bear beads and decorations, how to make specific tiny dots, how to make twisty-cane and other surface decoration for your sculpture, and how to make two-layer stringer to create lively eyes for your sculpture.

Tools Needed: small tweezers, small thin steel kitchen knife, and small paddle

Other Classes

Class FW-02 SILVER CUFF BRACELET with Felicia Wartnik

Skill Level: Beginning

You will learn how to form and fuse silver rings, solder the rings together, buff, polish and shape to create this cuff bracelet.

Tools Needed: STUDENTS SHOULD BRING ANY OF THE FOLLOWING THAT THEY HAVE (I’ll have at least one of each for class use, as well): wire cutters sufficient for cutting 14 gauge fine silver, 2 chain nose pliers, bench block, ball peen hammer, plastic or rawhide mallet, butane torch sufficient for fusing 14 gauge fine silver wire, soldering brick, steel ring mandrel

Kit Fee: $18

Class FW-03 Earring Extravaganza with Felicia Wartnik

Skill Level: Beginning

This class will give you a chance to try your hand at many different metal smithing techniques. We’ll punch out and dome disks, file, rivet, solder, shape, texture and polish. You’ll even learn how to heat protect glass beads for soldering. You’ll go home with 5 pairs of earrings with several different types of ear wire and techniques you can use for other projects.

Tools Needed: Bring a couple pairs of small spacer beads made on 1/16” mandrels. Please also bring any of the following that they have and can easily transport (I’ll have at least one of each for class use, too, as well as all other needed tools): Basic wire work tools – wire cutters, round nose and chain nose pliers (2 chain nose if you have them), bench block, ball peen hammer, plastic or rawhide mallet, butane torch, soldering brick or charcoal brick, steel ring mandrel, files

Kit Fee: $24.00

Class PL-01 Felting Basics for Jewelry or Display with Patricia LeGere

Skill Level: Beginning

Felting is the art of using specialized techniques to condense and interlock wool roving. Felting can create colorful, lightweight elements for your jewelry designs, or sculptural pieces, garments or accessories. Best of all, it’s easy! We will learn basic needle felting while creating a small sculpture suitable for a pendant, then design a show-stopper bracelet using either needle or wet felting techniques. No special skills or tools are required; the class kit will include all the tools you’ll need, which will be yours to keep. You’ll leave with 2 finished projects, and the basic skills to create more.

Kit Fee: $10.00

Class PL-02 Crafting a Mixed-media “Cigar Box” Treasure Box with Patricia LeGere

Skill Level: Beginning

We collect beads and keepsakes but don’t always have a pretty place to display treasure them. In this class we’ll create a beautifully decorated wooden box, in your choice of colors and patterns. Once the box is covered, lined, and sealed select die cut letters, ephemera and embellishments to decorate the top of the box. (You’re encouraged to bring anything you’d like to incorporate!) Bead display rods are available if you want them, or you can leave the interior unencumbered for love letters or trinkets. You will leave class with a one-of-a-kind treasure box, and the skills to create more.

Kit Fee: $10.00 (which will provide a commercially produced wooden box* with hinges and latch, decoupage medium, sealer, and finish, an assortment of pre-cut card stock and edging bands, lettering and embellishments, pre-cut wooden bars and metal rods to hold beads (if desired) and disposable gloves, foam brushes, and tools.)

Class PL-03 Build Your Brand with Beautiful Packaging with Patricia LeGere

Skill Level: Beginning

We put endless creativity into our glass, then use generic tags, boxes, and displays to present it. It’s easy to create beautifully embellished packaging reflecting your brand with basic paper crafting techniques. We’ll demystify the scrapbooking section of the craft store, exploring paper, adhesive, and tool choices. You’ll learn basic die cutting, stamping, embossing, and inking techniques to build your personal brand.

You’ll leave with tags, bags, boxes and cards that reflect your brand, and the skills and templates to make more. Bring your business rubber stamp to learn how to easily and inexpensively add sparkle and texture through embossing.

Class CS-02 Macramé Corsage Bracelet with Carol Sorber

Skill Level: Beginning

Design and make your own corsage bracelet with buttons, beads, and waxed linen. Learn a basic macramé knot and follow one simple guideline and you can create a custom corsage bracelet for yourself or a friend. All you need are a few supplies and a little creativity!

Tools Needed: Bring 10-20 of your favorite “shank” buttons and 200 #6 seed beads, or purchase kits from the instructor

Kit Fee: Instructor will have kits available for purchase: $10-$20 (depending on selection)

Class MR-03 Cold Combed Glass pendants with Michelle Riordan

Do you love the look of combed and raked glass but aren’t equipped to comb glass in the kiln? Learn to ‘Cold Comb’ and make stunning, one of a kind pieces of glass!

Class AR-03 Fused Dichrotic Glass Jewelry with Annukka Ritalahti

Skill Level: Beginning

Learn to design your fused jewelry, cut glass, grind your glass pieces, shape your wire hooks, fuse the glass in kiln, how to program kiln to fuse 96 glass

Tools Needed: glass cutter, glass crozers/pliers, thin black permanent sharpie, small round nose pliers, and nippers to cut wire. You can borrow tools from Annukka and you can finish your jewelry with findings after fusing.

Kit Fee: $20.00

Class CR-01 Chainmail basics – Byzantine Al Rondo Bracelet with Cori Ruszkowski

Skill Level: Beginning – Intermediate

Glass and metal go hand in hand! You will learn 2 basic chainmail weaves, Helm chain and Byzantine weave. After these techniques are mastered, we will combine them and make this spectacular bracelet in a weave called Byzantine Al Rondo. The class will include discussions regarding ways to incorporate glass beads into future projects.

Tools Needed: 2 pairs of flat nosed pliers

Kit Fee: $6.00

Class CR-02 Japanese Wrapped Rocks & Glass Cabs with Cori Ruszkowski

Skill Level: Beginning

We’ve all got ugly beads! It’s time to give those “bottom of the fish tank dwellers” new life! Learn basket weaving techniques and practice by making Japanese wrapped rocks. Once you feel comfortable with these techniques, you can move to a smaller scale and easily pretty up your Uglies by adorning them with copper, brass, or silver wire.

Tools Needed: Scissors and a “pokey tool” (a large nail or small screw driver will work)

Kit Fee: $4.00 (instructor will bring materials)

Class PT-03 Color Your Sandblast with Polly Toombs

Skill Level: Beginning

In this class we will sandblast a design into glass and paint it. We will use different paint mediums to explore the application and effects. I will supply plain sandblasted glass or you can use pieces you made in the sandblast class.

Demonstration Classes

Class DC-01 Boro Dichroic Shell Turtles and Fancy Fish DEMO with deb crowley

In this demo class I will show you how to make my popular Honu pendant with his dichroic pinwheel shell and scaly legs and head. I make his stringing loop behind the left flipper so he hangs sideways swimming towards the heart! I will also demo baby honu in his egg pendants, another great seller. If time allows I’ll do a butterfly koi fish too!

Class SH-01 and 02 (repeat) Boro Furnace Tube and Rod Pulling Class DEMO with Scott Hallam

In this class you will get a chance to work various stations at the boro furnace and pull both Rod and Tubing. Perhaps we will try some cane and or roll ups depending on the time. Each person will get to pull glass and then we will use some of what we pulled to make various things such as cut and flame polished beads and or other simple tubing objects. We will have plenty of glass and tubing so glass can be used at free time to make other various objects as well.

Class MS-01 Boro Glass Roses DEMO with Mary Swartzel

In this DEMO class, students will learn techniques for creating their very own borosilicate glass roses.

Class PT-01 Beginning Soft Glass Flower Beads DEMO with Polly Toombs

This is a beginning class for encasing flower beads. We will start with dot flowers and focus on different methods of encasing for best results and the least smearing. This class is all about heat control; where to put the flame and when. We will also explore color combinations and using pre-made color canes and flower canes from the Making Canes class.

Class RK-01 Scientific Welds and Seals DEMO with Robert Kincheloe

Students will work with clear borosilicate tubing to learn the basics of scientific welds and seals. In this workshop participants will learn to create complex sculptural forms through forming and joining pieces to create a larger vision in glass at the bench torch. These forms will be created with the intent of filling and transforming them into plasma sculptures.

Class RK-02 AND RK-03 Neon Manifold Review, Connecting to a Manifold, Filling, and Finction – 8 Hour DEMO with Robert Kincheloe

Students will learn about the systems and processes involved in filling non-traditional plasma sculptures. This twp part workshop will cover systems and processes involved in filling borosilicate glass sculptures with neon and other plasma gasses. The first session we will discuss all equipment and tools used to fill, connecting of the electrode to the form, and connecting the form to then manifold. The second session will discuss power transformers, gas pressures and vessel sizes, single vs double electrode, electrode vs wireless vessels, disconnecting from manifold (Tipping off), and displaying.

Class MR-02 Under the Sea Cabochons DEMO with Michelle Riordan

Learn to make this detailed underwater scene cabochon. I demo working off mandrel using murrini, filigrana and stringers to make this scene one layer at a time. The layers give lots depth and movement to the final piece.

Class HS-03 Fuming Boro Demystified DEMO with Hugh Salkind

Hugh will fume precious metals onto borosilicate glass to make lustrous patterns and designs to develop that fumed color!