Welcome to the Home page for Glass Stock West! Please read below for info & registration. Come and join us for the 17th annual Glass Stock West. Glass Stock is a sharing and collaborating event which has run for 17 strong years, starting on the Oregon Coast. Founder Deb Crowley and many other fantastic artists have shared her vision with much success! Starting with a small group of 30 friends in 2003, Glass Stock West had almost 70 attendees in Glass Stock 2015. Glass Stock has grown in popularity with artists willing to teach and share for the opportunity to learn from others. It is a chance to get “out of the box”, learn new skills, gain priceless feedback, and new inspiration in a warm, friendly and intimate setting. Deb has teamed up again with her west coast staff and “Featured Artists” to host this event in Newport, Oregon back at the coast! Opening night begins on Wednesday evening, Aug 28th, 2019 with the Meet and Greet. The event continues from August 29-Sept 1st, 2019. There will only be 30 attendee spots this year and a smaller staff with incredible classes! It really does take all of us to make it great, especially the loyal and talented staff, so let me say again a HUGE thank you to them! Hope to see all of you at Glass Stock, and remember to tell your friends!

FEATURED ARTISTS AND TEACHERS FOR 2019 The Glass Stock West featured artists are Tim Drier and Suellen Fowler for borosilicate glass and the Soft Glass Featured artist is Joy Munshower! We will have our incredible staff artists teaching some new and exciting classes as well. Special guest demos will also happen over the weekend. There will be approximately 35 classes to choose from including flameworking, fusing, sandblasting/etching, cold working, as well as wire-wrapping, bead working and much more! Contests, games and prizes, oh my! You may sign up (enter) anytime from January 2nd to August 1st by emailing your name, phone number and email address to glassstockwest@gmail.com. Questions should be sent to deb@debcrowley.com. E-Newsletters will start March 1st, everyone will get them once a month. These will have all the information you will need to be ready for the event in August! We will be accepting payments on or after May 15th, there will be information in the first newsletter on when and where to send payment. Class selection will be via telephone the weekend of May 25-26th. It doesn’t matter when you sign up as long as the event isn’t full yet!

General Information: We are very pleased to announce that we will be hosting this event at the beach in Newport, Oregon, over Labor Day Weekend. This is a 4 day event plus Wed night Meet and Greet for those who can attend. The next 3 days will be filled with 6 half-day classes, with open torch until late evening every night and Sunday will be filled with optional contests, drawings, and open torches until 6pm! You will be able to choose 4 participating torch classes, and 2 demo or “other” classes as shown in the class descriptions below. Tuition is $1,000 for all 4 1/2 days and includes class / open torch supplies and contests! A few “Other” class supplies may have a metals or kit fee that will be noted on class descriptions. We have kept the tuition as low as possible, a bargain at $250 daily for classes, open torch and festivities included! We are including all lunches and dinners cooked onsite and a fabulous Sat night BBQ under the stars!

Payment for tuition will be accepted on or after May 15th, NO earlier postmarked payments PLEASE. This is the only way to be fair to everyone! The May newsletter will have all the information you need to send in your payment and secure you spot. Remember that the early bird does catch the fatter worm! So, the sooner you pay, the better selection of classes will be available, some folks overnight the payments on May 15th. We expect to fill completely up again this year! New classes will be posted by March 25th so you can peruse what classes will be offered for 2019. The actual class schedule will be posted by May 1st. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS. You may sell (transfer) your spot in an emergency. We cannot sell it for you.

Registration Process The price for the 4 day event is $1,000. This includes 6 half day (4 hour) classes with all supplies, open torches, evening festivities. That is a mere $250 a day for endless fun! Please send the completed information detailed below to glassstockwest@gmail.com. The registration email must include the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Email Address
  • Your Lampworking business and/or Website Name
  • And a phone number for class scheduling

Class selection phone calls will be made in the order of payments received. Send your payments as soon as you can on or after May 15th. For international attendees, Money Order or Cashier’s Check in US DOLLARS is all we can accept. The sign up for classes via telephone will start on May 25th from 10am (PST) to 6pm (PST) and continue through May 26th, if necessary. You will receive two calls, one for half of the classes and another for the other half of offered classes. You will get to choose a total of 6 classes. The first call will ask you to pick 2 torch (participating) and one non-torch class (demo or “other”). The second call will ask you to pick the last three classes to include two torch classes and one “other” class. The Torch demonstrations count as 1 “other” class. We do this to allow more people to work with the featured glass artists at Glass Stock. We limit one class from each featured artist, and no more than 4 participating torch classes per attendee.

The other 2 classes will include torch demos or non-torch demos such as fusing, wire wrapping, etc. Note: Some “Other” classes may have fees. Any fees will be noted within the class descriptions below, read the whole description before picking those classes. You are not required to buy the kit or pay a fee, you may just observe an “Other” class. NO switching of classes during the event please! Please review all of our classes and have a list of desired classes ready for when we call. We can’t wait for Glass Stock West 2018 to begin, and be sure that it is sure that this event is one that you’ll remember long after it is over!


Borosilicate Classes

Class SF-01 Sitting Dragon Sculpture with Suellen Fowler

Skill Level: Advanced ONLY- Seats will be drawn
Suellen will help 6 lucky students create a sitting Dragon sculpture.

Class SF-03 Boro Sculpture, Animals with Suellen Fowler

Skill Level: Intermediate, must have some lampworking experience! In this half-day workshop, the students will learn the techniques to create miniature animals using off-hand torch working techniques. These projects are formed free-hand, without form or molds. Colored glass will be provided for the class to work with.

Tools Needed: Basic lampworking tools

Class HS-01 Boro Pens with Hugh

Skill Level: Beginning Tubing

This class is a great exercise in building tubing skills, making good marias, stretching and keeping it all straight! We will use some pre-made colored tubing and stripe our own to make pen sleeves for Bic pen inserts. No tubing experience needed and these make great gifts!

Tools Needed: Graphite Paddle, small reamer, tweezers and BORO didymium glasses.

Class DC-02 Blown Boro Sea Shells with Deb Crowley

Skill Level: Intermediate-Advanced

Lean how to blow beautiful sea shells with borosilicate tubing! We will make a simple shell and then a spider conch with it’s fun to pull spikes! Be ready for a fun 4 hours, all the shells look great when we’re done!

Tools Needed: Graphite Paddle, glass shears or bonzai shears, small reamer, sharp paring or xacto knife and BORO didymium glasses.

Class JW-01 Seahorse Shot Glass with Jody Welch

Skill Level: Mostly Advanced

We will be making shot glasses out of boro tubing and decorating them with frit and twisties. I will show you the technique that works best for me to get even rims on the glasses. Seahorses will be demoed but you can try something else if you prefer.

Tools Needed: Graphite pad, frit holders, large tweezers, teaspoon or soup spoon, stainless or tungsten rake, claw grabbers, glass shears, graphite reamer.

Class JB-03 Fumed Jelly fish with Joshua Beach

Skill Level: Intermediate

We’ll be working together to create dynamic jellyfish highlighting the beautiful effects of scalloped tubing. Working from a small blank of tube we’ll gold fume and shape a natural body. After that learn to taper and bend the cane tentacles that will stream Beneath it. Finally, we’ll tune our torches small and tight to bridge and weld it all together into one flowing seamless piece.

Tools Needed: Blowhose, swivel, and adapter to fit 9.5mm blowtubes, Reamer or flaring tool, Bail biter or Handy Andy, Rod rest or similar for bench cooling attachments on punties 4-6mm, Graphite paddle, Locking hemostats, Tweezers, and Diamond Shears or V neck.

We will supply corks and table marvers.

Soft Glass Classes

Class JM-01 Organic Nuggets using “shorts” and Dolphin with Joy Munshower

Skill Level: Beginning

An “organic nugget” exercise using glass “shorts” will be our warm-up exercise to teach students the technique of a “walking-twist”. Students will then apply this technique to creating realistic “ocean” or water base-beads. Students will also be taught how to sculpt a Bottlenose Dolphin on water/ocean base bead.

Tools Needed: Basic Lampworking tools

Class JM-02 Giraffe with Joy Munshower

Skill Level: Intermediate

We will cover how to breakdown a Giraffe into shapes and then how to apply those shapes, and in what order, to create a Rothschild Giraffe. I will also show how to use a scalpel to create realistic skin, wrinkle and hair texture. It is very beneficial if my students know how to draw shapes beforehand.

Tools Needed: Basic Lampworking tools

Class JM-03 Hedgehog Cane and Quill Application for a bas-relief Hedgehog with Joy Munshower

Skill Level: Intermediate

I will cover how to make a complex “Hedgehog Quill Cane” and handout recipes I’ve used. I will also have the students apply cane to a base bead to practice making “quills”. I will then demo and give handouts how to make a Hedgehog in bas-relief. I cane send the recipes in advance. It is helpful if the students come to class with pre-made 2-3mm cane.

Tools Needed: Basic Lampworking tools

Class DC-01 SCULPTING FISH with Dichroic and Luster Glass with Deb Crowley

Skill Level: All skill levels

We will make a wearable luster fish and a displayable dichroic one depending on class time with dichroic glass and luster fins for that killer fishy bling! Be ready for a whole lot of FUN!

Tools Needed: Didymium glasses, graphite paddle, hemostats, mini-mashers and any favorite tools.

Class CJ-01 Baby Dragons with CJ Quitoriano

Skill Level: Beginning-Intermediate

Learn to make baby dragons using COE 104 glass, and how to use gravity for shaping and heat control for small details.

Tools Needed: Needle nose pliers, any sharp edged tool, a poking tool, and basic lamp working tools.

Class NC-01 Multi-layer Encased Floral Beads with Nikki Hull-Campbell

Skill Level: Intermediate, you should be able to make and apply stringer as well as have a good sense of how much heat is in your bead.

Learn how to make layered floral designs on your beads and then encase them to achieve that “paperweight style” flower bead. These beads are built up of typically 2 encased layers. In class there will be a demonstration of how to make vine cane; you will get some to to apply and encase, then learn how to build up the floral design in multiple layers and finish with encasement and shaping to finish with a well formed flower bead that has movement and depth. If there is time, you can make your own vine cane.

Tools Needed: Marver, tungsten pick or other tool for plunging, your favorite tool for rounding up beads, if you want to try making vine cane bring something to use as puntes either a pair of stainless steel chopsticks or a pair of junky fat mandrels that you do not mind wrecking.

Class MG-01 Baroque Earring Pairs with Melanie Graham

The focus of this class is on making matching pairs of earring-sized beads that are carved in interesting ways and pop with bright, contrasting colours. We’ll work on placing design elements, setting dichro dots, and carving the beads into interesting shapes. We’ll explore different decoration techniques and elements, including enameled stringer, silver glass, dichroic dots, and using stamps to add visual interest.

The first part of the class will focus on the construction technique for the beads, and then once everyone has made one, we’ll work on heat control techniques for making two beads at the same time and making matching pairs.

Tools Needed: 1/16” mandrels, Metal Pick (I use a stainless-steel beading awl), Long, thin marver or butter knife (I use a bronze fruit knife), Small pattern stamps (I will have a bunch of these, students don’t need to bring their own)

Additional Fees: The teacher will sell dichro dots in sets of 6 for $2.50/set. Buying these is optional as there are other decoration options that students can use instead if they choose not to purchase them. Students can also bring their own dichro dots if they happen to have some.

Class MG-02 Flower Mandalas with Melanie Graham

Skill Level: Intermediate – Advanced

The focus of this class is on making a pressed lentil bead with a geometric flower design on its surface. We’ll work on heat control, centering, placing, and manipulating surface design elements, and pressing beads in a bead press.

Tools Needed: 1/16” mandrels, Metal pick (1/16”) with pointed end (I use a stainless-steel beading awl), 1.25” lentil or straight-sided lentil press (if you don’t have one, it’s ok, I’ll bring a couple), Large spoon, Small knife or stump shaper or other small, flat-sided hand tool

Class MG-03 Seascapes with Melanie Graham

Skill Level: Intermediate – Advanced

The focus of this class is on making seascape focals using layered canes and stringer to paint the design onto both sides of a large teardrop-shaped base bead. We’ll talk about cane construction, colour choices, perspective, and how to apply the various design elements.

Tools Needed: 1/16” mandrels, Graphite marver, Tweezers, Largeish Bead masher or Crunch Press (I like the Jumbo Rollabout Masher from Graceful Customs, but you can use whatever you like)

Class MR-01 Crossover Torchwork Components with Michelle Riordan

Skill Level: Beginning

Learn to make flowers, leaves, stems and bugs at the torch to add to your next fusing projects! Learn to make these items faster and more lifelike in the flame and forget all that cutting, grinding, washing….UGH! Sample photos by deb crowley

Tools Needed: Graphite Paddle, glass shears or bonzai shears, sharp paring or xacto knife, mimi-mashers and didymium glasses.

Class FW-01 Enamel Beads with Felicia Wartnik

Skill Level: Intermediate

We’ll make beads with COE 104 glass and Thompson Enamels. This class will focus on how to use powder enamels safely, how to obtain different effects by altering the amount and focus of heat and how to create various surface designs using stringer and texture tools, we will cover application of powder both by rolling or patting the beads into the enamel and with use of a sifter.

Tools Needed: Bring your favorite beadmaking and shaping tools including a focal size lentil tool if you have one, a razor blade or straight edge tool for straightening stringer lines, marver, tweezers or pliers, JC sifter if you have one, a P95 or100 or N95 or 100 mask or respirator, an old washcloth or cotton rag.

Class DP-02 Blown Hollow Beads and Vessels with Donna Prunkard

Learn two approaches to blowing hollow beads or vessels. We’ll start with a review of disc beads, then blow hollow beads using a hollow puffy mandrel. Next, we will blow vessels off the end of a blowpipe. We will explore various ways to decorate the hollows, including frit and scrollwork.

Tools Needed: Basic Flameworking tools. Two types of hollow mandrels: ¼ inch hollow blowpipe tubing and any diameter hollow tube with small blow hole on the side (some will be available for sale from instructor).

Other Classes

Class FW-02 Copper Embossing with Felicia Wartnik

Skill Level: Beginner

Emboss thin copper sheet, solder to sterling silver and make a necklace or earrings and pendant. Learn how to emboss without nasty chemicals or an expensive rolling mill. We’ll use a scrapbooking tool, instead. You’ll cut out designs with shears or a jeweler’s saw or skip the hard part by punching out disks to texture. You’ll solder your embossed copper to sterling silver sheet and finish class with a completed necklace or earring pair and pendant.

Tools Needed: Bring any of the following that you have and can easily pack. I’ll have tools to share, as well: 2 chain nose pliers, Bench block, Bench pin, and Jeweler’s saw.

Additional Fees: $21 for earrings and pendant; $36 for necklace

Class ED-01 Make Your Own Notebook! with Elizabeth Dauch

Skill Level: All levels welcome, only the ability to thread a needle is needed

Make your very own modern book using techniques that have been used for centuries. The Coptic stitch style is easy to master and results in a book that is very durable and opens completely flat, making writing/drawing on both sides of the paper very easy.

Additional Fees: $5 per student to cover cost of materials (bookboard, pretty paper, thread and plain filler paper)

Class KH-01 Copper Enamel Pendants with Kathy Harmon

Learn how to fused enamel on copper. We will be using a variety of colors. WE will be adding murrin’s and dichro dots to decorate. Once your pendant is finished you will make into a necklace.

What to Bring? Bring a lampwork bead.

Additional Fees: $20

Class KH-02 Copper Enamel Earrings with Kathy Harmon

Make 2 pair of earrings. There will be a variety of shapes to pick from. Learn to enamel on copper in a kiln. We will be using murrini’s and dichro dots to decorate. Ear wires are included.

What to Bring? Bring a mask to wear for enameling

Additional Fees: $15

Class PP-01 Textured Copper Bracelets with Patty Pulliam

Skill Level: Beginner

Make these fun and addictive bracelets using hardware store items and your big-hole beads.

What to Bring? Bring several big-hole beads and bead caps if desired.

Additional Fees: $15

Class PP-02 Faux Enamel on Copper with Patty Pulliam

Skill Level: Beginner

Create colorful imitation enamel on etched copper shapes. No heat required! All materials provided to create several pieces.

Additional Fees: $15

Class MR-02 Crossover Torchwork Components PART 2-Fusing the Tile with Michelle Riordan

Skill Level: Beginning

In part 2 we will assemble flowers, leaves, stems and bugs on your tiles!

We will grind, drill holes and prepare the base tile, then add the flame worked components! We will go over the firing schedules and touch on viscosity variances.Sample photo by deb crowley

Tools Needed: Small Tweezers and glass nippers (mosaic cutters). The rest will be provided.

Class AN-01 Metal Clay Origami with Alana Nicholson

Skill Level: Beginning

In this class we will take some common origami forms such as the crane, cup, flower, and owl and create them in silver metal. Experience in folding origami out of paper will make the class easier, but is not required. Instructions on the forms we will be trying can be sent ahead to anyone who wants to practice. Origami paper will be provided in the class to practice with first. The metal clay charms look best when using a 3cm square of paper. 6cm squares will be the largest available in the clay.

Tools Needed: All materials will be provided to work with the clay and various origami instructions will be available.

Additional Fees: Kit will be provided with 1 sheet of silver clay paper, brass brush, steel wool, and gloves. Cost will be $20 per student.

Class AN-02 Beaded Dreamcatcher with Alana Nicholson

Skill Level: Beginning

Dreamcatchers have long been used by Native American cultures to protect people from negative energies. Typically they are thought to allow good dreams to pass through and capture bad dreams which are burned up by the first morning light. In this class we will make a beaded dreamcatcher out of thread and seed beads. Small lampwork beads, charms, or shells can be incorporated into the design and larger beads can be used to decorate the outside.

Tools Needed: All materials will be provided. If you want certain colors of seed beads or to incorporate lampwork beads, feel free to bring them.

Additional Fees: $15

Class LT-01 Cuttle Bone Casting with Leslie Thiel

Have you ever needed how to cast simple pieces for your growing body of work. Maybe it was a special request, something that you can’t find to order. We can go over the basics to make a simple cast piece of work.

****If you are allergic to seafood do not join us!

The cuttle bone is a bone from the cuttlefish. It is similar to the squid. There is alot of fine dust produced. We will be using facemasks, but inhaling the dust could be detrimental to someone with seafood allergies.

Additional Fees: $25

Class MC-01 How to Tool/Decorate Leather Using Stamps and Swivel Knife with Morgan Campbell

Skill Level: Beginning

Basic leather tooling class in which I will show you how to use traditional leather tools to decorate leather, which then can be used for many different projects.

Additional Fees: $10

Class MR-03 Fused Murrini Pendants with Michelle Riordan

Skill Level: Beginning

We will pull some simple Bullseye murrini at open torch to use in our class. In class we’ll cut the murrini and lay out to make our pendants.

Tools Needed: Graphite paddle, tweezers, glasses.

Additional Fees: Tekta – $2.30, Bullseye Rod – $6.00?, bails – $2.50

Class BF-01 Soap Swirl Techniques for Cold Process Soap Making with Brenda Flowers

Skill Level: This class assumes students are familiar making soap with lye, although beginners are also welcome.

We will try an In the pot swirl (ITPS), hanger swirl, spoon swirl and funnel pour for different swirling techniques using masterbatched lye and oils. Micas, dyes and botanicals will add color to our soaps. Examples of finished bars and discussion of ingredients and what properties they add (for example: more bubbles, or a harder bar) will give students a chance to individualize their own recipes. Fragrance and essential oils will also be available to play with.

Class JC-01 Niobium Earring Class with Jill Knapp Campbell

Students will be introduced to electrical anodizing to produce an oxidized multicolored coating on the surface of Niobium metal. The student fee of $30.00, which includes the parts to make 3 pair of disk earrings. I will bring more Niobium disks to make more sets and those can be purchased from me.

Tools Needed: Please bring jewelry files and any jewelry pliers that you have. I will have a few to share.

Class DP-01 Ukrainian Eggs Class with Donna Prunkard

Pysanky are traditional eastern European Easter eggs made using a wax-resist process similar to batik. Designs are drawn on the egg with melted beeswax using a tiny brass funnel called a kistka. The egg is dipped in a light color dye, waxed to mask a new pattern, dipped in another color, waxed again, and so on. After the final color, the wax is removed to reveal the multicolor design. The finished eggs are blown out and protected with a coat of varnish.

Class HS-03 Faceting-Beveling with Hugh Salkind

Cut facets and windows into slid glass beads pendants and marbles! Bring your own hidden treasures made at home or open torch!

Demonstration Classes

Class SF-02 Sitting Dragon Sculpture DEMO with Suellen Fowler

Suellen will demo a sitting Dragon sculpture.
Photo to be posted soon….

Class HS-02 Fillacello DEMO with Hugh

In this demo I will show how to make those gorgeous fillacello patterns in a pendant.

Class EJ-01 Horns, Teeth, And Eyeballs, Oh My! DEMO with Emily Johnsen

In this demo, I will show techniques to make your borosilicate glass pieces come to life by adding eyes, teeth, horns, and other creepy features. Items to be demonstrated may include an eyeball pendant, a monster pendant, and a monster sculpture as time allows. Get ready for some monster fun!

Class JB-01 Sea Turtle DEMO with Josh

Learn the processes of sculpting a graceful sea turtle conversation piece. I will show how to create and shallowly compress a colored pattern into it’s shell, then form a large lens to showcase it. After shaping the body I’ll demonstrate some great looking color combinations for making the turtle’s flippers. Finally I’ll shape, bridge, and weld his attachments into a piece that looks right at home under the waves.

Evening Demos

2018 Schedule Below