Welcome to the Home page for Glass Stock West! Please read below for info & registration. Come and join us for the 16th annual Glass Stock West. Glass Stock is a sharing and collaborating event which has run for 16 strong years, starting on the Oregon Coast. Founder Deb Crowley and many other fantastic artists have shared her vision with much success! Starting with a small group of 30 friends in 2003, Glass Stock West had almost 70 participants in Glass Stock 2015. Glass Stock has grown in popularity with artists willing to teach and share for the opportunity to learn from others. It is a chance to get “out of the box”, learn new skills, gain priceless feedback, and new inspiration in a warm, friendly and intimate setting. Deb has teamed up again with her west coast staff and “Featured Artists” to host this event in Newport, Oregon back at the coast! Opening night begins on Wednesday evening , Aug 29th, 2018 with the Meet and Greet. The event continues from August 30-Sept 2nd, 2018. There will only be 30 attendee spots this year and a smaller staff with incredible classes! FEATURED ARTISTS AND TEACHERS FOR 2017 The Glass Stock West featured artists are Suellen Fowler for borosilicate glass and the Soft Glass Featured artist is Joy Munshower! We will have our incredible staff artists teaching some new and exciting classes as well. Special guest demos will also happen over the weekend. There will be approximately 30 classes to choose from including flameworking, fusing, sandblasting, cold working, as well as wire-wrapping, bead working and much more! Contests, games and prizes, oh my! We have arranged the studio with more room for this year! Thank you all for the support over the years of this event! It really does take all of us to make it great, especially the loyal and talented staff, so let me say again a HUGE thank you to them! Hope to see all of you at Glass Stock, and remember to tell your friends! You may sign up (enter) anytime from January 2nd to August 1st by emailing your name, phone number and email address to glassstockwest@gmail.com! Questions should be sent to deb@debcrowley.com. E-Newsletters will start March 1st, anyone signed up by then will get them once a month. These will have all the information you will need to be ready for the event in September! We will be accepting payments on or after May 15th, there will be information in the first newsletter on when and where to send payment. Class selection will be via telephone the weekend of May 26-27th. It doesn’t matter when you sign up as long as the event isn’t full yet! General Information: We are very pleased to announce that we will be hosting this event at the beach in Newport, Oregon, over Labor Day Weekend. This is a 4 day event plus Wed night activities. Beginning on Wednesday night, we will have our Meet and Greet for those who can attend. The next 3 days will be filled with 6 half-day classes, with open torch until late evening every night and Sunday will be filled with optional contests, drawings, and open torches until 6pm! You will be able to choose 4 participating torch classes, and 2 demo or “other” classes as shown in the class descriptions below. Tuition is $1,000 for all 4 1/2 days and includes glass class / open torch supplies and contests! A few “Other” class supplies may have a metals or kit fee that will be noted on class descriptions. We have kept the tuition as low as possible, a bargain at under $250 daily for classes, open torch and festivities included! We are including all continental breakfasts, lunches and dinners cooked onsite and a fabulous Sat night BBQ under the stars! Payment for tuition will be accepted on or after May 15th, NO earlier postmarked payments PLEASE. This is the only way to be fair to everyone! The March newsletter will have all the information you need to send in your payment and secure you spot. Remember that the early bird does catch the fatter worm! So, the sooner you pay, the better selection of classes will be available, some folks overnight the payments. We expect to fill completely up again this year! The featured artists and staff FROM LAST YEAR are posted below. New classes will be posted by March 25th so you can peruse what classes will be offered for 2018. The actual class schedule will be posted by May 1st. Class selection is conducted based on the time/date of your tuition payment. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS. You may sell (transfer) your spot in an emergency. We cannot sell it for you. Registration Process The price for the 4 day event is $1,000. This includes 6 half day (4 hour) classes with all supplies, open torches, evening festivities. That is a mere $250 a day for endless fun! Please send the completed information detailed below to glassstockwest@gmail.com. The registration email must include the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Email Address
  • Your Lampworking business and/or Website Name
  • And a phone number for class scheduling

Class selection phone calls will be made in the order of payments received. Send your payments as soon as you can on or after May 15th. For international attendees, Money Order or Cashier’s Check in US DOLLARS is all we can accept. The sign up for classes via telephone will start on May 26th from 10am (PST) to 6pm (PST) and continue through May 27tth if necessary. You will receive two calls, one for half of the classes and another for the other half of offered classes. You will get to choose a total of 6 classes. The first call will ask you to pick 2 torch (participating) and one non-torch class (demo or “other”). The second call will ask you to pick the last three classes to include two torch classes and one “other” class. The Torch demonstrations count as 1 “other” class. We do this to allow more people to work with the featured glass artists at Glass Stock. We limit one class from each featured artist, and no more than 4 participating torch classes per attendee. The other 2 classes will include torch demos or non-torch demos such as fusing, wire wrapping, etc. Note: Some “Other” classes may have fees. Any fees will be noted within the class descriptions below, read the whole description before picking those classes. You are not required to buy the kit or pay a fee, you may just observe an “Other” class. NO switching of classes during the event please! Please review all of our classes and have a list of desired classes ready for when we call. We can’t wait for Glass Stock West 2018 to begin, and be sure that it is sure that this event is one that you’ll remember long after it is over!


Borosilicate Classes

Class JK-01 and JK-02 (Repeat) Stargazer Lily Marblewith John Kobuki

Skill Level: Intermediate We will be creating the beautiful Stargazer Lily Marble pictured. Tools needed: Graphite Marble Mold, tweezers, sharp knife and basic lampworking tools.

Class JK-03 and JK-04 (Repeat) Columbine Flower Marble with John Kobuki

Skill Level: Intermediate We will be creating the beautiful Columbine Flower Marble pictured. Tools needed: Graphite Marble Mold, tweezers, sharp knife and basic lampworking tools.

Class DN-01 Spoons! The ones you smoke out of! with Dolores Noggle

Yay! We are going to make pipes! These pieces are similar to the pieces I made for the first 5 years of my glass career, which kept me from starving. They are simple, small and easy to make. This is a great class for anyone just beginning to work with Borosilicate tubing. We will start with the all clear spoon to get a feel for working tube and then move on to another design in which students will be able to experiment with a design. If time permits, I will demo wrap and rake and silver fuming as displayed in the third spoon. Tools needed: Ball grabbers or Hot Fingers, Graphite Bowl Press 5/8 in., Diamond round sheers, Tungsten Pick, and Small graphite reamer.

Class HS-01 Fuming Boro Demystified with Hugh Salkind with Hugh Salkind

We will fume precious metals onto borosilicate glass to make lustrous patterns and designs, also learning to develop that fumed color with an expert! Tools needed: Graphite Marble Mold, tweezers, basic lampworking tools.

Class HS-02 Boro Tubing: Hammer~time with Hugh Salkind

Skill Level: Intermediate Learn to make hollow components and great welds for 2 part pipes from the hammer king! Must have some tubing experience (or at least take my same demo class first!) Tools Needed: Grabbers (Medium Claw), reamer, tweezers, paddle

Class SF-01-02 (2 part) Perfume Bottles with Suellen Fowler

Skill Level: Advanced, must have some borosilicate tubing experience! This two part workshop will introduce the student to an unusual method of flameworking borosilicate glass. This style of lampworking was adapted from certain off-hand furnace techniques to the smaller scale of working over a torch to build up and blow a bubble on the end of a glass blowpipe. Colored cane is applied to the surface of the bubble, and then melted and formed into a decorated vessel. The student will learn the steps to create a small stoppered perfume bottle. Techniques for making small sculptures will also be demonstrated. There will be the opportunity to experiment with commercial borosilicate color, and to learn how to hand mix and pull your own colored cane, using oxide formulas developed by Suellen Fowler over the four plus decades of her career. Materials will be provided for the class with no fee. Tools Needed: Basic lampworking tools- Grabbers (claw) helpful!

Class SF-03 Boro Sculpture, Animals with Suellen Fowler

Skill Level: Intermediate, must have some lampworking experience! In this half-day workshop, the students will learn the techniques to create miniature animals using off-hand torch working techniques. These projects are formed free-hand, without form or molds. Colored glass will be provided for the class to work with. Tools Needed: Basic lampworking tools

Class EW-01 Goblet Cups and Feet with Evan Wood

In this fun and enlightening class you will acquire the delicate skill of creating goblet feet and cups, the single most important part of making any kind of goblet. We will explore some various vessel shapes that are intended for different beverages and techniques that are transferable to other glass creations. Tools Needed: Ball grabbers or hot fingers or claws. Graphite reamer. Graphite paddle.

Class DN-02 Boro Glass Hand with Dichro Image with Dolores Noggle

So in this class we will use new and old colors to create depth in a sculpted hand! Then we are going to encase a dichroic image and back it to give the hand something to hold onto. This also will create a better structure in the piece so that it is more durable for wear. Tools Needed: Glass Scissors, Sharp Thin Knife (like Exacto knife but expect to ruin the blade), Tungsten pick, Graphite marver/paddle

Soft Glass Classes

Class JC-01 Serving up Octopus Two Ways! with Judy Carlson

Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced These 8 armed critters are perfect for a glass focal bead, in two different styles. We start with a simpler version with an octopus on top of a round frit bead. Stringer control is the emphasis along with making twists with glass. We move on to a larger tab base bead, texturing one side and applying an octopus on the front. We will also create barnacle murrinis and apply to our beads. Tools Needed: Lg mashers; graphite paddle, small knife or dental for flattening; Optional: SMALL marble mold, texture tools (I will have these tools available for use)

Class JC-02 Sea Star, Shells and Sand Dollars! with Judy Carlson

Skill Level: Intermediate (must have basic lampworking experience) In this sculptural class, we will create a variety of beach treasures, such as a scallop and conch shell, a sea star and sand dollar. This class demonstrates a variety of techniques, perfect for the flame worker who wants to expand their skills with sculptural glass beads. Many of the technique learned can be applied to all sorts of beads. Time permitting, we will make spacers if you are taking the bracelet class as well. Tools Needed: 1/16” mandrels, graphite paddle (preferably tapered but flat is fine), lentil press (I will have one to use), medium and mini mashers, pointy tweezers, razor tool, small knife/dental tool, Didi safety glasses.

Class DC-01 SCULPTING FISH with Dichroic and Luster Glass with Deb Crowley

Skill Level: All skill levels We will make a wearable luster fish and a displayable dichroic one depending on class time with dichroic glass and luster fins for that killer fishy bling! Be ready for a whole lot of FUN! Tools Needed: Didymium glasses, graphite paddle, hemostats, mini-mashers and any favorite tools.

Class MR-01 Off Mandrel – Soft Glass Goddess Pendant with Michelle Riordan

Skill Level: Intermediate These beautiful Goddesses are made in the Italian style, from bottom to top cooling as we work up towards the bail. Our goddesses will batch anneal after class. Tools Needed: Graphite marver, spoon, dental or tungsten pick, non-serrated knife, Italian style tweezers, and a bail biter if you need help to make the glass bail

Class PT-01 Beginning Soft Glass Flower Beads with Polly Toombs

Skill Level: Beginning This is a beginning class for encasing flower beads. We will start with dot flowers and focus on different methods of encasing for best results and the least smearing. This class is all about heat control; where to put the flame and when. We will also explore color combinations and using pre-made color canes and flower canes from the Making Canes class. Tools Needed: Marver, tweezers, knife or razor type tool, poking tool, didymium glasses

Class MR-02 Under the Sea Cabochons with Michelle Riordan

Skill Level: Intermediate Learn to make this detailed underwater scene cabochon. We’ll work off mandrel using murrini, filigrana and stringers to make this scene one layer at a time. The layers give lots depth and movement to the final piece. Tools Needed: Graphite paddle, tweezers or needle nose pliers, mashers, and grabbers to carry the completed piece to the kiln.

Other Classes

Class JC-03 Newport Beach Glass Bead Bracelet with Judy Carlson

Skill Level: Beginner to advanced in wire wrapping Show off your shell beads in this beautiful wire wrapped bracelet design. If you love dangly bracelets, you will love wearing this. Create wire wrapped links using lots of dangles with crystals, pearls and variety of beads.You will also learn to make your own hook clasp! If you are taking the shell bead class, you can use the beads you make for this project. If you are not creating your beads at GS, I will have shell bead sets available at a discounted price for the class. Glass shell/starfish/spacers bead set $35 (this price only good for this class) If you want a specific color, please contact me before GS. Tools Needed: Needle nose pliers, round nose pliers, wire cutters, small metal file, small ruler, bead mat (a wash cloth works too!)

Class PT-03 Beginning Sandblasting including Coloring and Graal with Polly Toombs

Skill Level: Beginning In this class we will apply different types of resist and use the sand blaster to do depth carving and some surface etching. You will choose to blast boro pieces you have made and covered with powders or you can choose a flat 4x4 piece of clear. Then we will use different types of paints to explore the different ways to color sandblasted glass.

Class ML-01 Birdie Bungalows to Cat Caves-An Introduction to Wet Felting with a Resist with Marie Lockwood

Start small, grow big. In this class, we will be able to complete a fun little birdhouse or a small l “what zit” bowl from wool roving. You’ll learn how to lay out the wool on a form (resist) and then work the wool to create felt. Then you will cut and shape your vessel into either a bowl if you cut the birdhouse door too big or the originally planned birdie bungalow. After learning to make felt using a form, you’ll have the foundation to go on to wet felt cat caves, hats, dreadlocks, pouches or even a pair of shoes! Supplies will be provided at no additional charge, no special tools are needed for the class although you may wish to bring a pair of playtex gloves if you have temperature sensitive hands. I will also have some wool for dry felting if any students are brave enough–bring band aids, lots and lots of band aids.

Class DP-02 Melon Basket with Donna Prunkard

Skill Level: Beginning Kick back and weave a basket! You will learn to weave this Appalachian-style melon basket with reeds and decorative fibers. Kit Fee: $7.00

Class BF-01 Cold Process Soapmaking with Brenda Flowers

Skill Level: No skills required, need basic safety awareness as we will be working with lye. You can make your own soap and lotion at home, and control what ingredients you put on your skin. We will learn about the process, properties and benefits of different ingredients, and how to calculate lye to make your own recipes. You will choose what additions you want to put in your soap for your own customized bar of soap. We will also make an emulsified cream/lotion. If you can make mayonnaise, you can make your own lotion. Without preservatives, these lotions don’t last long, but since it’s so easy to do, you can make a fresh batch to share with friends. Tools Needed: safety glasses (splash protection, I can provide a couple pairs of cheap safety glasses and disposable gloves)

Class LT-01 Broom Casting with Leslie Thiel

Skill Level: No skills required, need basic safety awareness as we will be working with lye. We will take scrap sterling silver and melt it in a crucible. We will form the molten metal by pouring it into a can of wet natural material. You will learn how to properly season your crucible as well as the pitfalls and problems. We will explore ways to incorporate it into your existing work. All materials included, but you could bring your scrap sterling silver to use too. Kit Fee: $20.00

Class LT-02 Poppy Earrings with Leslie Thiel

Skill Level: Beginning This class will concentrate on creating metal flowers. We will solder findings and add faceted Stones. You will learn how texture will distort the shape and use it to your advantage. All items included. No tools required. Kit Fee: $18.00

Class FW-01 Earring Extravaganza with Felicia Wartnik

Skill Level: Beginning This class will give you a chance to try your hand at many different metalsmithing techniques. We’ll punch out and dome disks, file, rivet, solder, shape, texture and polish. You’ll even learn how to heat protect glass beads for soldering. You’ll go home with 5 pairs of earrings with several different types of ear wire and techniques you can use for other projects. Tools Needed: Bring a couple pairs of small spacer beads made on 1/16” mandrels. Please also bring any of the following that they have and can easily transport (I’ll have at least one of each for class use, too, as well as all other needed tools): Basic wire work tools – wire cutters, round nose and chain nose pliers (2 chain nose if you have them), bench block, ball peen hammer, plastic or rawhide mallet, butane torch, soldering brick or charcoal brick, steel ring mandrel, files. Kit Fee: $24.00

Class FW-02 FUSED AND SOLDERED NECKLACE with Felicia Wartnik

Skill Level: Beginning We’ll form and fuse silver rings, shape the rings and then solder the rings together before attaching chain and a clasp to create a fun, modern necklace. Tools Needed: Students should bring any of the following that they have and can easily transport (I’ll have at least one of each for class use, too, as well as all other necessary tools and supplies): Basic wire working tools – wire cutters, round nose and chain nose pliers (2 chain nose, if you have them), bench block, ball peen hammer, plastic or rawhide mallet, butane torch, soldering brick or charcoal brick, steel ring mandrel, files Kit Fee: $18.00

Class PP-01 Crystal Wrap Bracelet with Patty Pulliam

Skill Level: Beginning Create this fun and trendy wrap bracelet with lots of sparkly crystals, accented with one of your own lampwork beads. Kit Fee: TBD

Class PP-02 Beading Off the Grid: Free-Form Peyote Stitch Bracelett with Patty Pulliam

Peyote stitch bead weaving can create wonderful, tidy, geometric forms. But did you know that you can use the same stitch to make a freeform, undulating shape as well? This technique uses small amounts of several sizes of beads to create an interesting and varied base. Varying the bead size and direction, using bridges, and adding focal beads as well as found objects make each piece a one-of-a-kind creation . Great for using up “bead soup.” Tools Needed: Students should bring basic beading tools & supplies (beading thread, scissors, needles, bead mat) to class including 8-12 different kinds of beads: sizes from 8-11 plus a few accent beads, cabochons or fused glass pieces, a button or larger bead for a clasp.

Class JW-01 Wearable Marbles with Jody Welch

So you made the coolest marble ever in your class and want to show it off to the world? Make it into a pendant to wear! This class will teach you how to make a secure and decorative “cage” to turn your favorite marble into wearable art. We will make a basic one in copper to learn the technique then let our imaginations run wild and create masterpieces in sterling silver. Depending on complexity you should be able to make 3-4 during our class. Tools Needed: Each student will need to bring several marbles, 22mm or smaller, to class. Bring an assortment of basic jewelry making pliers and a pair of flush cutters . There will be tools to share if you don’t have any. Kit Fee: $10-15

Class KB-03 Blingy Bracelets and Earrings with Kris Ball

Skill Level: Beginning If you like your jewelry with bling, you’ll love this class. It may look complicated but we’ll break it down into simple steps and soon you’ll be making your own custom blingy bracelet. You choose from a variety of leather cord, metal chains, and crystal chain combinations. We’ll make at least two blingy bracelets and matching blingy earrings. All materials will be provided. Kit Fee: $20.00 for materials to make 2 bracelets and matching earrings

Class MC-02 Using Rayzist Photo Mask for Sandblasting Glass with Morgan Campbell

Skill Level: Beginning Learn How to use the Rayzist Photo Mask System to use your own or any clip art for adding sand blasting your glass artwork. Kit Fee: $15 to cover film and Rayzist Special Instructions: Students must email a single camera ready black line art image to instructor a 30 days ahead of the event.

Demonstration Classes

Class HS-03 Boro Tubing DEMO: Hammer~time (Pipes) with Hugh Salkind

Learn to make hollow components and great welds for 2 part pipes from the hammer king! This is a demo, it should be taken if attendee is in Hammer~time working class!

Class BC-01 Sherlock Pipe with Orchid DEMO with Bumble and Crowley

Watch Bumble make his incredible Sherlock pipes while deb creates a Lady slipper orchid and leaves at the demo bench. After the dinner break they will assemble the final piece which will be auctioned off Sunday.

Class MC-01 Boro Bugs: How to make insects sculptures out of Borosillicate Glass DEMO with Morgan Campbell

Learn how to Sculpt spiders, beetles and other insects from Borosillicate glass

Class DP-01 Ukrainian Eggs DEMO class with Donna Prunkard

Pysanky are traditional eastern European Easter eggs made using a wax-resist process similar to batik. Designs are drawn on the egg with melted beeswax using a tiny brass funnel called a kistka. The egg is dipped in a light color dye, waxed to mask a new pattern, dipped in another color, waxed again, and so on. After the final color, the wax is removed to reveal the multicolor design. The finished eggs are blown out and protected with a coat of varnish.

Class PT-02 Making Canes: Soft Glass Multi-Color and Flower Canes DEMO with Polly Toombs

This soft glass class will be about how to make easy layered canes of different colors, and a some basic flower canes. Using your own hand pulled color combinations is a great way to set your work apart. We will make some multi-color canes and flower canes to use in beads and then make beads with them. If time allows I will also demonstrate “peeling” clear to remove scum for my favorite results.

Class SF-04 Boro Color Mixing and Animal DEMO with Suellen Fowler

Skill Level: Intermediate, must have some lampworking experience! In this half-day workshop, the students will learn the techniques to create miniature animals using off-hand torch working techniques. These projects are formed free-hand, without form or molds. Colored glass will be provided for the class to work with.

Class KB-02 Pate de Verre DEMO with Kris Ball

Freeze and Fuse Pate de Verre (“Paste of Glass”) is a process where glass and a binder are combined, spread into a mold or formed into a bead, frozen, dried in an oven, cleaned and painted, and finally fused in a kiln to make pendants, beads, etc. In this DEMO we will demonstrate the final three stages (clean, paint, fuse) to show the ease of this technique using the patented binder created by Margaret Braet.

Class ED-03 Boro Goblets, Cups, Feet & Assembly DEMO with Evan and Dolores

Learn to make blown bowls, feet and decorative stems, then assembling the final goblet!

Evening Demos

DEMO Hollow Footed Cups with Bumble

Watch Bumble make his amazing hollow stemmed goblets!